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In just a short time, we’ll be announcing the new cohort of EdHub fellows! Who’s excited?! 🎉

Get to know the members of last year’s cohort, like Dr. Chris McGee of Connected Learning!

August 2, 2019 0 comments

As we launched EdHub STL on August 30th, I saw more than 720 people from across the region and country excitedly fill the first and second floors of the 4240 Heritage Building in the Cortex district. I thought, “St. Louis is ready.” The excitement was palpable and inspiring with a common thread in conversations.

The standing-room only panel discussion and subsequent keynote lead by Jose Luis Vilson (NYC), author of This is Not a Test and founder of EduColor. Others on the panel included Angela Dye, Executive Director of The Empowerment Network, Bijal Desai Ramirez, VP of Entrepreneurship/Investments at WEPOWER, Netia McCray (Boston), Executive Director of Mbadika, Katie Bodie, Cofounder and CEO of The Lean Lab Education. The success of the launch further validated the need for such a space in St. Louis. READ MORE…

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